Aesthetically pleasing, our premises are a wonderful amalgamation of technology and comfort. All our facilities are well equipped with high standard of basic amenities. We take pride in providing our employees clean and serene atmosphere conducive for optimal performance.
Keeping abreast with the developments in the packaging world, we have well developed and equipped laboratories that are instrumental for safeguarding our customer's interests by providing them only the best and the latest. Additionally, we ensure the quality of our products through a technologically advanced in-house testing facility where all the raw materials as well as finished goods are checked. Quality checking is also ensured through vision inspection system.

We believe in giving back to the nature and hence our facilities are surrounded by well maintained lush green belts. It is delightful to be in clean and green surroundings. We have an appropriate built up area for each facility. We have a strong commitment to conserve environment. Our facilities have adequate rain water harvesting paraphernalia to ensure that the underground water table is replenished and not a single drop of natural resource wasted.

The land area employed for our corrugation division is 2,30,000 m2, spread over more than 10 locations, and for plastic division is 50,000 m2 spread over 5 locations.

Infrastructure for building our core competency –packaging material- is state of the art. We employ EBM and IBM machines to manufacture pharmaceutical bottles which reduce wastage to a minimal quantity. For production of closures, we employ the highly advanced IM machines. The machines used by our Group ensure high precision, lower turnaround time as well as save up to 70% power thus empowering our green mission.

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